Windy Hills Lavender Boutique, founded in our quaint
    home town of Heber, Arizona, is just a 2 hour drive from 
                      We look forward to seeing you.

            We just opened our second Boutique.  
                It is in the beautiful little town of 
             Murphys, California, 2 hours east of
       San Fransisco, and will be open year round.
             Open 11am-6pm Closed on Tuesdays
                        THE BOUTIQUE IN HEBER
                     IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER
See our online Boutique for your needs.

            Join us in Heber, next season, for our 
lasses. It's sure to be fun and educational! 
                             Space is limited.

                         Heber Summer Hours:
            Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm 
                            Sunday 10am-4pm
                                  Located at 
          3374 Stone Bridge Trail, Heber AZ 85928  

                            (928) 240-2273       

     Windy Hills Lavender Farm
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               Join our summer classes, they ARE Educational & entertaining.
Welcome to Windy Hills Lavender Farm! Our family farm is located in the high desert of beautiful northern Arizona, about 10 miles north of Heber as the raven flies. Certified Naturally Grown, We planted our first lavender in 2009 on the 120-acre site of the Red Hawk Ranch, founded in 1988.  Planting an average of 1,500 lavender plants per year, we have five varieties: Buena Vista, Grosso, Provence, Royal Velvet, and Vera. We also have an abundance Cedar trees on our property and have been growing many types of herbs. We harvest the Cedar Berries and herbs for tea and other culinary uses.

Our still is in the kitchen at the Boutique, for those of you that are curious about how we distill our lavender.
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