What people are saying about our products:

I love cooking with lavender. So I bought both ground and whole culinary lavender. I really like the flavor of your mixture. - Sally S.

I love the lavender oils. I bought all they had at the Prescott store! The employees were very helpful and nice, also. - Cleo N.

Lotion Gift Bag - Great personalized service!!!! - Jennifer A.

Great lotion! Lavender peppermint smells wonderful and is very moisturing! I love the idea of buying from a small business in the USA, they ship fast and quickly responded to my order by email with notifications about the shipping! Love your products and company. Thank you. - Mary

Lavender lotion - This lotion is very soothing, moisturizing and smells great! - Patricia D.

Lavender Culinary Tea - I love this tea! Nice and relaxing after a long day! - Patricia D.

I met you guys in Murphys where we have a second home.  I have been ordering online since ou closed the store.  I just wanted to drop you a line and congratulate you on the growth of your business.  I love your face cream and I am always impressed with the quick turnaround of orders. I hope you continue to grow and prosper while maintaining product quality. - Fariba M.

I love lavender!  My daughter and I were having a girls day out and stumbled upon the Prescott boutique.  We had so much fun smelling all the different lotions and other products. I can't wait to go back again! - Mary

Simply the best lavender.  I have tried all the top dogs in essential oils and your lavender is by far the best! Please stay true to what you do! - Kayla B.

Little lavender candle - This candle has the true smell of lavender while burning or even with the lid off. I personally like it in the bedroom to help me rest at nigjht!  -Sally S.

Lavender mist - Love the products. - Brenda G.

Love it and will order more!  - Jackie H.

Excellent lotion. All natural. Great product. Website is easy to navigate, shipping is very fast. All around A+ excellent. - Derek B.

I visited the store and bought 2 lip balms. They were so awesome, I ordered 8 more online! I give them to my family and friends, who also love them! I will have to order more soon. I have tried different brands of lavender lip balm, this one is the best! Not gritty or waxy, very long lasting. Great product, highly recommend. - Vivian B.

Massage rub - I often wake up in the middle of the night with leg pains. Tried putting the rub on my legs when I went to bed . . . no leg pains. If I have a sore muscle, I rub it on, and I can immediately feel the pain subsiding. Now that I have discovered this rub, I can't live without it! - Janice

Lavender lover gift set - I LOVE SLEEP! I originally received these items as a gift and am hooked!  I use both right before bed and my sleep has improved greatly!  Great scents and super relaxing! I may be a lifer :) - Audrey J.

Before you and I emailed, I also ordered some lilac lotion and peppermint lavender lotion as well. I love them both so when I need to reorder (probably not for awhile!) I will probably try one of them. Thanks again for your special care!  - Shannon R.

Lavender body powder with poof - Love this place! Stopped in Hebr while on vacation lat year and fell in love with their products. I gave some to friends and they asked me to get more the next time I'm in the area. No trips planned, but what a lovely way to purchase my Christmas gifts. Glad the website wa on the products.  - Nancy H.

Thank you so much! I just received my lotions, I appreciate you making me a special batch of your lavender vanilla lotion. I will be ordering from you in the future and will definitely tell my friends about your products and wonderful cutomer service.  - Lori E.

Outstanding!  The BEST lip balm I have EVER used! I am a lip balm connoisseur. I have used it for years. These guys make the best, best, most natural calming scent (lavender) and best consistency. Lil Windy's provides more moisture and less waxiness. It's superior to Burt's Bees or Aveda products. Well done, you guys! - Alissa

Massage/Bath Oil - Love it and will order more!!! - Jackie H.

All natural lotion bars  - I love that this lotion is so versatile. I use it on my face, hands, even as a thin film inside my nose in very dry weather (summer/fall in Central California). Love it and hope that you never, ever discontinue it. Well, at least not in my life-time ;)  Oh, and it does not cause any skin reactions. Just perfect. Jolanta G.

His & hers travel deodorants - No harmful chemicals. Love the Lavender one, wish it came in a full size. When you read the ingedients you recognize them all. - Rick S.

Amazingly aromatic bundles of lavender. There are many "antique/rustic" boutiques that sell lavender bundles, but none compare to the fresh, aromatic bundles that I purchased here! I am SO glad that I held out & was able to stop into Windy HIlls. If you are ever in Heber, stop in . . . their shop smells AMAZING & the ladies are super friendly. I would feel confident & comfortable ordering their products online because I have seen & smelled their quality products in person. - Nikki F.

I have given your card to my Radiation Doctors in hopes they will pass it on to many people who have to deal with the burn of radiation. When I got through with my sessions of radiation, they told me the next two weeks would be my worst for pain and blistering. I had entered into a few days of that happening to me when my daughter-in-law took me to your place in Heber (where we were rentig a cabin), not knowing tht it would be a Divine appointment for healing. You suggested Lil Windy Salve. I got it and started putting it on with Coconut oil under it. Witin a week the brilliant red lightened to a medium red, and the blisters almost gone along with the pain. By the second week, which was supposed to be my worst, I was sailing with light pink skin and no blisters. Praise God! I am still am using the combination, which I believe will help with the scarring, and it just makes things more comfortable with it on. Thank you so much for suggesting it, and God Bless you and your business. I'm sure it will be a great help to those of us who are fighting the effects of radiation.  - S. A.

The lotion bars I ordered, I like the lavender and lemongrass. Very fragrant and great moisturizer in them. Great to give as gifts too as my mother and a friend of mine like them. - Sally K., Phoenix, AZ 

The Lavender Creme lotion smells delightful and is moisturizing, too! I have always been sensitive to fragrance, making me wary of scented lotions and other skin care, but I haven't had any trouble with this organic lotion and it feels wonderful on my skin." - Emily W., Oceanside, CA

We found Windy Hills Lavender Farm at a couple of the local craft fairs here in the White Mountains at Heber-Overgaard, AZ. I have to say they have a very high quality product as well as an abundance of knowledge. Love... love...love this stuff!! - Robin C., on Local Harvest

I received a bar of the Lavender & Patchouli Body Soap as a gift and I LOVE it! It not only leaves my skin soft, but it leaves a relaxing fragrance as well. - Susan S., Kingfisher, OK

Your products make lovely gifts. I have already tried your ground culinary lavender in a lemon pound cake I made and everyone loved it. The quality of your products and service is outstanding! - Sally K., Phoenix, AZ

My bottle of lovely Lavender Bath Gel is just perfect! I took half of it, diluted it half with water, and filled my hand dispenser in the kitchen. Now, every time I wash my hands the kitchen has this wonderful aroma!  - Joanne B., Tucson, AZ

I have used your lavender in lemonade and pork loin roasts - if not others - and it definitely adds a unique flavor. Thanks for raising and selling it.  - Bil M., Mesa, AZ

I love your Lotion Bars! -  Joy G.

I have already tried your ground culinary lavender in a lemon pound cake I made and everyone loved it. The quality of your products and service is outstanding! Your products make lovely gifts.  –Sally K., Phoenix, AZ  

My daughter told me that she made the lavender ice cream recipe from your cookbook and she loves it.  - Barbara S.

I bought the lavender-lemongrass lotion this past weekend and I love it! I truly hope that you do well with your lavender farm and the boutique in Heber.- Priscilla C.

I stopped in yesterday and picked up some more lotion bars and a couple of other things. Really enjoying your products! - Barb

We love your lavender!  - Christie B., Prescott, AZ

Here in Northwest Montana the flu, cold and everything else is hitting hard. My daughter sure has liked the chest rub I bought from your store last year while I was traveling through. Just wanted to say thanks. It seems to help her a bunch. -  Dee, Montana

Love your products! -  Gretchen

Glad you are open!  Will visit soon. Need some more of your amazing lotion bars! -  LuAnne F. 

We are really hoping you make another batch of the Orange Lavender body lotion.Please email me when it is ready to purchase. . . .Would love to get stocked up. -  Lisa, Sonora, CA

I have to say, my car smelled so nice for the drive home!  - Brenda F., Tucson, AZ

Would it be possible to have some lavender bundles (like you have at the store at times) sent to me? I just love them and want to give some as gifts. - Geri R.

I love the spray I bought from you and will need more soon.  – Sharon S., Heber, AZ

I bought some olive oil, lavender lotion and oil for my daughter.  She loved it!  - Pat M., Arizona

I visited the lavender farm store on my way to pinetop last saturday what amazing items! I love my lavender perfume also! my girlfriend and i bought so many beautiful items and gifts for our friends! - Dee b. 

This is a great boutique and their lavender oil is amazing! - Deborah F.

Wonderful store. using my mist now! - Carol W. 

Just a nice store to visit and shop! - Ms. G

I love the spray I bought from you and will need more soon. - Sharon S.  

We just happened to drive by and stopped in. The owners are so nice and explained how they extract the oils. I bought lavender & cederwood deodorant and it is the best I've ever tried. I also bought their lavender peppermint lotion & avender mist which has multiple purposes and smells awesome!!! - Katie W.

Windy Hills products are great for people with sensitive rash-prone skin like mine. I love their intense Foot & Hand Cream & their powders. I wish I bought more when I was there! Linda O'H.

After meeting Jossie on her trip to Vermont I decided to give the lotion bars a whirl since I'm addicted to Lush version of them. So I ordered two and used it right away!  It was amazing! My skin glowed for two days ater with health and shine! Love the ingredients you use! You now have a loyal lifetime customer! Highly recommend the lotion bars. You won't be sorry! - Autumn B.

Best baby powder EVER!!! A few years back we were on a trip from Phoenix to Show Low and my oldest son who was a baby at the time soaked thru his diaper in his car seat and that resulted in a HORRIBLE rash, we stopped in at the Heber location and told them about it and they offered up their baby powder, needless to say . . . his rash was completely gone by the time we got to Show Low &
not only that but his booty was so smooth afterwards. So not only did it rid him of the rash but it repaired his beautiful skin. JOHNSONS CANT DO THAT!! - Danielle D.

Love their lotion bars! My favorite is lavender & lemongrass. Friendly knowledgable staff. - Amber R.

Awesome experience being in this boutique, the products are amazing and all natural -- definitely a must see and try. Rosie W.

Really great September Newsletter and to read that you will be open year round in your Prescott store. - Sally C.

Just tried the Lemongrass & Cedarwood Lotion Bar. (heart, heart, heart) - Monica W.

Awesome -- My husband has had dry flakey feet since military days, wrapped his feet in plastic bag after applying for about 30 min. Impressive results. - Sandie

I love this place. It is always such a pleasant place to visit. I wish I could buy one of eveything. So looking forward to visiting the store in Prescott. - Marilyn C.

Love your little store!! - Tammy P.

So glad we stopped. Enjoying my lavender products!! Will stop again on next road trip through Heber, AZ. - Christina A.

(Happy face) Friendly staff, wonderful energy in store. - Mary C.

I am so happy that I was able to finally stop into your shop! I absolutely love my fresh lavender bundles! I had a feeling that I should have purchased more than 2. I will certainly stop in again.  - Ina N.

It was a fun experience at the lavender farm making soap class. Very nice people!! - Linda T.

Thank you Miss Cindy. - Rosemarie J.

The young lady who was working on 6/25/16 in the St. Michael's Hotel, was very knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. My sister-in-law and I were very impressed with the setup, decoration and atmosphere, and you had 15% off lavender products. Thank you for a lovely experience!  Cheryl B.G.

Nice store with good service :) Thank you.  Allie A-S.

Nice store, lots of great items, liked trying the creams too, I would like to try the sugar, but I bought ground and bud lavender, and am looking forward to trying different things out. - Kathleen T.

Perfect!  - Ann S.

My first time visiting the shop. It smelled so awesome and was beautiful! I loved just being in there! Shop owner and the other customers were so friendly!  I'm happy to know there's another shop in Prescott! - Deborah S.

Great product, let me know when you roll out new products. - Mary E.

It's always pleasant to shop here. - Jacqueline B.

Nice conversation with owners. - Edward E.

Great overall shopping experience! Been there before & will return again...Thank you! - A customer

The nice lady who is one of the owners is very sweet thank you for always being so cordial. - Michelle R.

My gifts were enjoyed by all. Thank you again. It was a nice break from the road. See you next time through. - Brynae F.

Love your little place. The products are wonderful. - Karen E.

It's a pleasure to be in your store. I love knowing that you make your own products with your own lavender. I also enjoy chatting with you.

- Jacqueline B.

Loved everything! I came in just to look around and ended up buying a birthday gift basket and some items for myself! I only wish your store was closer to me! - Tony T.

Lots to see and great selection of Lavender and other scents. - C. B.

This is a new favorite. - Tamera Z.

Love your shop and the local and unusual gift ideas. - Andrea D.

Excellent service in a very cute shop! No wait time at all! - A customer.

Extremely friendly. - Alice H.

I am a lip balm connoisseur.  I have used it for years. These guys make the best, most natural calming scent (lavender) and best consistency. Lil Windy's provides more moisture and less waxiness. It's superior to Burt's Bees or Aveeda products. Well don, you guys!

- Alissa

There are many "antique/rustic" boutiques that sell lavender bundles, but none compare to the fresh, aromatic bundles that I purchased here! I am SO glad that I held out & was able to stop in to Windy Hills.  If you are ever in Heber, stop in ... their shop smells AMAZING & the ladies are super friendly.  I would feel confident & comfortable ordering their products online because I have seen and smelled their quality products in person.-  Nikki F.

I love your store. Can't wait to use it.  - A customer

Always smells so good in your shop!!! - A customer

I just was in there a couple of days ago and bought a lotion bar and I love it. Monkey farts ... Amazing stuff. - Angela J.

My daughter loves the deodorant I bought her on our recent trip to Prescott.  She cleans homes & babysits for a living so is always moving. She says it is the best non-commercial deodorant she's used. - Annie M.

This is a great boutique and their lavender oil is amazing!  - Deborah F.

I love the spray I bought from you and will need more soon.  - Sharon S.

Wonderful store.  Using my lavender mist now!  - Carol W.

I visited the lavender farm store on the way to Pinetop last Saturday, what amazing items! I love my lavender perfume also! My girlfriend and I bought so many beautiful items and gifts for our friends! - Dee B.

No harmful chemicals. Love the Lavender travel deodorants, wish it came in a full size.  When you read the ingredients you recognize them all. - RIck S.

I really like using the lotion bar on my feet and hands. They feel smooth for days. - Sally S.

Lavender soap - it's the best. I always have to stock up on it because you run out of it - Phillip M.

Culinary Lavender Honey -. This honey is very concentrated.....very good! A little goes a long way! - Sally S..

Sugar scrub, Lavender, Lemongrass & Hemp Seed - they are wonderful, love all of them!! Will make wonderful Christmas gifts! Planning on buying more!  - Bonnie R.

Lavender face and hand cream. This is a wonderful product. I first bought it in the gift shop at Tovrea Castle simply because I wanted to support the facility - but I LOVE this product and I'm going to use this exclusively for face, hand and body. It's rich, mildly scented in a wonderful way - and so very creamy without being sticky. This is a first rate product. - C. J.

I was gifted a lavender cookbook for Christmas and just stopped in to pick up the culinary lavender from WH. My first recipe was the lavender champagne chicken. There wasn't even a smidgeon left. Delish. I highly recommend the book and the culinary lavender! Thanks WH ... have a great 2017! - Rosemarie J.

We visit our children every summer in Arizona because we live in Iowa. I was attending a Women's Retreat at Bison Ranch last summer and came upon your farm. I love lavender anything. I purchased the honey and now i can't wait to get back this coming summer and stock up on everything I purchased. The soap, the honey and the mist. The lavender cookbook is so amazing, I don't know how I survived without it all these years.  - Linda H.

Gift Set: Lotion Gift Bag -  Great personalized service!!!  - Jennifer A.

His Beard Oil - Even from so far away, the customer service was excellent, and so was the product! I got the beard oil for my dad and ordered it not long before Christmas. All the product got here and time and smelled wonderful! Thanks so much, I can't wait to order more stuff in the future! - Coleen S.

I love cooking wiht lavender. So I bought both ground and whole culinary lavender. I relly like the flavor of your mixture. - Sally S.

Lil Windy's Lip Balm -  I love it. It is the second one I have bought. - Tina K.

Lotion Bars All Natural - The very best for callused heels. This bar is absolute magic. I've suffered from deep calluses on my heels because I wear sandals all the time. My wife was constantly trying to get me to try different products but none worked and were a pain to use. About a year ago my daugter gave me a lotion bar and told me to just apply it in the shower, easy and effective. Everyone I have given them to (including my wife's nail salon) just rave about their efficacy. - Rick S.

Baby Booty Cream - Best ever! Bought this for my new grandson because we love lavender. Daughter-in-law says it's the best product and so they got more in their Christmas stockings. - Kathi G.

Love lavender. The first time I walked into your store in Heber it was being in lavender heaven. I could easily have sat there all day. I purchased your lip balm and love love it. Thank you. - Tina K.

Just sent a care package to my daughter-in- law who has been having trouble sleeping. She loved it and reports it was very beneficial. - Rosemarie J.

As expected, your product is wonderful! I love the smell of lavender while falling asleep. I put some of your lotion on before I go to sleep. Thank you so much for making me a special batch of the lavender vanilla scent, it's my favorite! I hope somday to visit your Arizona location. I was disappointed to find out your Murphys California store closed, that is where I discovered your products. I will be buying all of my lavender products from you in the future - Lori E.

I much prefer your essential oil lavender to others, including Young Living! I will continue to buy from your farm/company!  - Tina R.

Lavender & Coconut Oil - Great product!! Smell is fabulous! Love the oil. I use it for everything. Chapped Lips, feet, even on my dog's dry elbows. - Bonnie R.

Very beautiful scarves. - A customer

We will be back up north for Thanksgiving, I'm sure we'll swing by or some more products. See you soon. - Tom

Always love coming to this shop :-) - A customer

Do you sell the massage oil in different size bottles? The owner (of our business) loves your oil and would like to order a larger size if possible. - Laura

Back on Track with Lil' Windy Rub. This little rub gets your back, back on track! At the first sign of a sore back or inflammation, my husband and I use this rub at night before retiring, and in the morning our pain is gone or mostly subsided! It's that good! It smells delicious and is great just for a massage as well. Love this rub! -Kate S.

I just wanted to thank you again for making the special batch of lavender rose lotion for me. I love it and am so happy to have a supply on hand. Just goes to show you the benefit of doing business with sall businesses rather than huge corporations - I don't think Bath and Bady Works would have made me a special batch! - Shannon R.

I'll be stopping by soon to get some more of your wonderful products! - Ann S.

Thank you for making the BEST lip balm I have ever used. I just bought four of the lavender ones today, from your Prescott location. - Alissa S.

Thanks for all the hard work to make the beautiful products we enjoy!  - Diane C.

The lavender is my favorite lip balm. The natural lavender scent and taste are charming, and it has a lovely, slight shimmer to it. Don't want to ever go without it! - Sarah J.